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Weight Loss Grocery List, Best To Follow For Sure Weight Loss

Weight loss grocery list

Planning to lose weight, consider your shopping list that also needs skimming. Of course skimming does not mean getting out of healthy snacks and meals. In fact, mix and match the recipes and follow a proper mal plan such that it proves to be an appropriate weight loss grocery list that allows shedding 10 pounds. Above all the grocery list must also be budget-friendly on your wallet, but ensure you have all the basics.

What to include as per weight loss grocery list?


Vegetables: Broccoli, dark leaf greens, carrots, bell, peppers, onions, spinach and tomatoes.

Starchy vegetables: Beans, sweet potatoes and white potatoes.

Fruits:  Bananas, apples, berries, oranges, grape fruit

Proteins: Skinless chicken breasts, eggs or egg substitutes, turkey, port tenderloin, salmon, shrimp, sliced turkey, tuna, nut butters, seeds, nuts and lentils.

Dairy:  Cheese with reduced fat, skimmed milk, low-fat milk or soymilk.

Greek Yogurt, low-fat or fat-free

Whole Grains: Bread, cereals and waffles

Condiments: Lemon, garlic, Marinara sauce, Dijon mustard, low calorie, salad dressing, ketchup, salsa, vinegar and olive oil. 

What to avoid as per weight loss grocery list? 

The weight loss grocery list of ingredients includes only healthy foods. And the foods to avoid are the foods that are loaded with artificial sugars, sugars, sodium, preservatives and more. Without fail read the list of ingredients and nutrition information, when buying foods in a package.

The usual suspects include meal replacement shakes and nutrition/protein/health bars, low calorie or fat meals frozen, veggie burgers, bread products, canned soups, cereals juices and skinny versions. 

Why certain foods must be considered? 

Beans are the right sources as they contain folic acid, B vitamin and dietary fiber. In fact, dried and canned beans provide same nutrition, but ensure to remove the excess salt from the canned beans prior to using. Peanuts are legumes and are excellent source of Vitamin E and fiber.

Legumes, except lentils are full of folic acid. Kidney beans and lentils are full of fiber. There are many fish varieties loaded with omega 3 fatty acids that helps relax narrowed arteries, reduces blood levels and promotes arterial walls healing. The omega 3 types of fish varieties are oily, rich and dark-fleshed fish including the sardines, salmon, trout, blue-fin tuna and mackerel.

Best picks of healthy foods also include the nonfat and low dairy products. These are bone –strengthening as they have plenty of vitamin D and calcium. Soy products are plant estrogens rich in isoflavones and reduce the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. In fact, it eases hot flashes impeding the malignant tumor growth. The calcium in the dairy and the soy products fortified reduce blood pressure. With respect to texture and taste, soy yogurt and soy cheese are indistinguishable cows-milk varieties.

Seeds and Nuts are opulent in monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. It increases good cholesterol levels. Walnuts have alpha-linolenic acid that transforms into omega -3 fatty acids. Almonds are high in calcium.

You must know the foods to buy that support weight loss grocery list and are delicious nutritious foods.



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