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Weight Loss Goal Calculator, Reveals The Actual Pounds Lost

Weight loss goal calculator

Planning to start losing weight, but are you confused about how to  go about, how little to eat, how to start and the time taken. Here is good news there are weight loss calculations to be done in percentages and it works as the perfect weight loss goal calculator.

Type 1 weight loss goal calculator 

The weight calculator that informs you how much weight to lose also is helpful in determining the body weight percentage you lost with the diet in progress. This is done using a simple formula such as:

Weight lost or wishing to lose amount/ starting weight, take the answer and deduct from 100%. For instance you are weighing 200lbs and wish for 150 lbs, then the calculation is 150/200 =75 and thus 100-75=25%, it means you must lose 25% from your existing weight to arrive at 150 lb goal weight.

Type 2 weight loss goal calculator 

The next weight loss goal calculator is helpful and is referred to as the Body Mass Index (BMI). This compares your height and weight. BMI= mass in pounds/ (height in inches) 2 x 703.

For instance: If your weigh 200 lb and are 63 inches tall, the BMI= 200/ (63)2 x 703 = 35.4. It shows the body fat right now is 35%, while with this height and weight, 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal and so you can set a healthy weight loss goal.

Calculating Weight Loss percentage 

Losing weight and having a healthy figure is now a necessity for people. The modern lifestyle is responsible for the increase in number of unhealthy people getting affected by obesity. People consider different ways of lifestyle and now most run to health clubs and gyms.  The aim is to shed the gained extra pounds. Losing weight is not easy; it requires motivation with adherence to strict diet and fitness regime.  It is really difficult sometimes and demands a lot of dedication and hard work. Knowing the weight loss percentage helps setting a target and encourages reaching it faster.

Losing weight can be quite difficult sometimes, as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Knowing the percentage of weight loss will help you set your weight loss target and encourage you to reach it

Step 1: It is important to know your weight before beginning to calculate the weight loss before starting any type of fitness program.

Step 2: Subtract your current weight after the exercise regime, from your initial weight.

IW- CW = L

Step 3: This provides you the actual pounds that is lost (L). This may be divided by your initial weight (IW).


Step 4: Finally, multiply the answer by 100 and round to the nearest tenth. It offers the weight loss percentage.

The weight loss goal calculator based on this formula offers the weight loss percentage.

Percentage weight loss = [(IW- CW)/ IW] *100 or (L/IW)*100

Representing: CW denotes the Current Weight, IW represents the Initial Weight and L is the actual pounds lost.

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