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Weight Loss Boot Camp – The Basics

Weight loss boot camp

A weight loss boot camp is a properly structured exercise program to help overweight people back into proper shape. People who have been to one assure its effectiveness and every year, there are a lot of people who sign up for such boot camps.

What is a weight loss boot camp?

A weight loss boot camp is essentially a large group exercise program. It combines high intensity exercising with a healthy eating pattern for a specified duration under the watchful eyes of an instructor. The instructors are people with experience as personal trainers or gym trainers and sometimes former military personnel conduct boot camps as well.

Why is it effective?

Boot camps that are solely dedicated to losing weight are set up in an effective yet fun manner. These can be even adjusted suiting to a person’s fitness level. It is this flexibility that motivates each person and makes the entire exercise enjoyable.

Another considerable point is that boot camps for weight loss are conducted in groups. This sets up a social atmosphere and eliminates the boredom and monotony associated with exercising. Motivation levels are high while exercising as a group enabling a person to work harder to achieve his goals.

Boot camps are held in an outdoor environment. In nature’s lap, breathing fresh air, a person needs only an activity to enjoy the day. This is provided by the boot camp and the trainer. Boot camps also provide a wide variety of interesting activities to perform. Hiking, canoeing, climbing, water rafting, jumping jacks, etc. are some of the intensive yet fun activities offered in most boot camps.

Rest is as effective as a proper workout. But too much rest between workouts reduces the efficiency of the workout. Hence, an optimum level of rest is key for effective exercise and boot camps provide just that.

The organizers of boot camps take care of the nutrition provided to the participants. The right food is required after every activity and this is provided by the organizers. The entire concept of these boot camps is to reduce weight, not to keep people starved. The organizers take care that they provide 5 to 6 meals to keep the participants satisfied and on the right track to weight loss.

Most boot camps are held for a duration of 3 – 8 weeks. The best boot camp is one that builds team spirit while ensuring that the participants get back to a proper shape. The instructors keep providing advice on the perfect diet and exercise routines that can be followed when the boot camp ends.

Interesting points about weight loss boot camp

  • These caps are most effective as small groups as they would allow for the presence of personal trainers. This helps in effective exercising and losing weight easily.
  • Despite their name, boot camps do not recommend any particular diet or diet pill. The entire focus is on eating properly and exercising. This itself is a wholesome approach to weight loss and does not require any additions.

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