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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Is Not As Raw As It Sounds

Raw food diet weight loss

A raw food diet may sound strange at the first mention but it has several advantages. All the advancements and medicines that we have made have not been successful in eradicating the various disorders and diseases that we face today. A lot of people are suffering from ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc. Doctors and dietitians advise their patients to stick to a healthy diet. Organic diet or raw food diet is one of the ways to achieve better health and this is being realized by many people all over the world.

What is raw food diet weight loss?

A person following a raw food diet weight loss eat food like fruits, seeds, vegetables and nuts. A study clearly states that when heated over 116oF, food loses the enzymes present in it. These enzymes offer energy and facilitate digestion. Hence, the only way to obtain these enzymes is to eat the food when it is raw. Another benefit of eating food raw is that it causes lesser calorie intake. This makes a raw food diet more suited to achieve success.

How to go about this diet?

Cut fruits and vegetables can be eaten regularly. People who like fruit juices, vegetable smoothies and milk shakes have an effective alternative at their disposal. Animal food is a strict no. Unpasteurized milk is recommended for making smoothies and milkshakes. Sprouts are another alternative to a healthy and effective raw food diet. Sea vegetables such as arame, kelp, wakame and dulse play an important role in improving health. Soaked sprouts and grains can be had at regular intervals. Caffeine, complex sugar, alcohol, smoking and processed foods are to be totally avoided. Dried fruits, seeds, coconut milk, tender coconut and nuts are well known beneficial foods. One must drink proper amounts of water at regular intrevals to prevent dehydration.

It requires a plan

A raw food diet weight loss cannot be suddenly thrust upon a person. It requires a gradual change. People who suddenly jump ship and follow a complete raw vegan diet end up causing more harm than good. To begin with a raw food diet, some amount of cooked food must be added. This acclimatizes the body to uncooked raw food and reduces any potential ‘backlash’ that the body might offer. Apart from appeasing the body, this strategy appeases the mind as well. When a sudden change, no matter how good or beneficial it is, is thrust on someone, the human mind tends to brings things to a familiar state.

Benefits of a raw diet

A raw diet offers better immunity and provides more energy to the body. It also reduces weight as a result of producing lesser calories. The body gets detoxified as a result of eating raw unprocessed food. This diet prevents any complication to the various organs such as the liver and kidneys. By providing some much needed minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins to the body, a raw food diet ensures physical, mental and emotional health.

Raw food diet for weight loss helps you stay away from harmful additives, preservatives, coloring agents, oils, salt and sugar. Since animal products are not included in this diet, you help save animals and the ecosystem as well! The diet ensures physical, mental and emotional health. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help prevent diseases, including cancer. They strengthen your immune system and boost your energy. Detoxification heals the body, refreshes the mind and uplifts your spirit. Whether you follow a raw food diet for fitness or for weight loss, it will help you discover a rejuvenated and happy you!

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