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Know The Differences Between Different Quick Weight Loss Pills

quick weight loss pills

The more, the merrier, right? Unless you are talking about weight. There are numerous pills sold on an ‘over-the-counter’ basis, but their effectiveness varies widely but mostly falls within the range of ‘not so effective’ to ‘utterly useless.’ It is best to take such pills after a doctor prescribes them. Armed with a prescription and the knowledge of how to take them, a person will be well equipped to choose the quick weight loss pills to suit his needs.

Natural quick weight loss pills

There are quite some quick weight loss pills in the market. Some of them are effective for all people; some of them are effective for certain people while some are generally ineffective. It is a good thing to know the ingredients as they help to decide the right product for one’s need.

  • Pills containing caffeine

Several pills contain caffeine as an ingredient. It may be as an herb or a single ingredient. Caffeine increases metabolism. However, it does not always lead to significant weight loss. The effectiveness of these quick weight loss pills depends on the fact that caffeine causes gastric emptying. These pills have ill effects as well ranging from nervousness to serious brain swelling.

  • Green tea

Green tea is perhaps the most famous member of this list. Green tea contains catechins (phytochemicals that increase metabolism). Despite its massive reputation, unless a person goes to a hill and picks the tea leaves himself, green tea does not help in losing a lot of weight. Research has proven that weight loss due to green tea was clinically negligible.

  • Extract of green coffee bean

Unroasted beans or green coffee beans contain high levels of chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Chlorogenic acid has been proven to prevent accumulation of fat in mice as well as humans. The exact extent of this drug is yet to be determined as further studies are being carried out.

  • White kidney bean

White Kidney beans are native to South and Central America. These legumes prevent carb breakdown and absorption. This helps to suppress the appetite. Though studies show a considerable weight loss due to white kidney beans, there is a general need for a deeper investigation.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is made using linoleic acid. Found naturally in milk, beef, and other animal food, CLA is theorized to reduce weight by destroying fat cells. CLA supplementation has been shown to promote weight loss. However, studies have also shown that the loss is not much. Another significant concern is that it increases LDL and triglyceride (bad cholesterol) and lowers HDL (good cholesterol) making it a risky option for people watching their cholesterol levels.

  • Pyruvate

This chemical is produced when the body produces glucose. Pyruvate increases metabolism and fat burning potential and is, theoretically, a good option to shed weight. However, it needs proper tests to substantiate these claims.

Other quick weight loss pills 

  • Chromium helps to control blood sugar levels. It does increase the lean body mass, yet the loss is not very significant making this a modest option.

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