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Meal Plan To Gain Weight, Gain Weight Smoothly

Meal plan to gain weight

Looking to gain weight and is putting on weight essential for people who are very much on the lighter side. If yes, undoubtedly gaining weight will make you look better and your clothes will not hang loose as if on a hanger. Meal plan to gain weight is effective as it helps in increasing the muscle mass and your body weight.

Meal plan to gain weight Tips

  • If you are by birth skinny and by genetics have a thin looking body, it is sure to take substantial time to add extra pounds. Increasing the calories must be done on a regular basis. You must have daily at least 2500 to 3000 calories. Increase the food quantity to meet the daily requirement of calories.
  • Increase the carbohydrates and fats proportion. Ensure the fats, especially the unsaturated fats are more and the complex carbohydrates are also more. Only on doing this you have chances to get more energy and to ensure meal plan to gain weight and with this there is an increase in the calorie rich foods amount also in your diet.
  • Join a gym and practice proper exercise regimen. Focus on compound weightlifting, body building and strength exercises. Avoid performing extensive cardio as you lose weight. So ensure to do exercises without fail and notice the difference.

Meal Plan to gain weight schedule 

  • Breakfast: 1 glass full cream milk, 2 bananas, cereal with sugar, honey and milk, sheat bread with cheese or butter and jam 5 slices, scrambled/omelet/eggs boiled 2, fruit smoothie 1 glass with full cream.
  • Lunch: Boiled rice 2 cups, 1 plate braised lamb shanks, sweet corn soup 1 bowl with cream, 1 bowl smashed potatoes, submarine sandwich with ham and steak for 2 servings and Tortilla with cheese and butter 3 rolls.
  • Dinner: 1 bowl mixed vegetables soup with cream, boiled pulses with butter 1 bowl, baked potato 3, bagel sandwich with cheese and turkey 1 bowl, salad dresses with cheese and olive oil 1 plate, pasta with sauce and chicken 1 plate,
  • Snacks: Coffee/Tea with cream, hotdog and hamburger, cashews, salted almonds and pistachio, honey soaked dry fruits and raisins, pastries, chocolates and cakes, cherry and strawberry juice, small pizza stuffed with cottage cheese, French fries, margarine or butter sandwiches, pudding with brown sugar, boiled or roasted sweet corn and custard with honey.

Points to Remember 

  1. Aim to gain every week 1 pound. Avoid overeating as it causes sudden weight gain and is unsafe in the long run. Maintain a balance by incorporating healthy foods and put weight effortlessly.
  2. Have all the sugar laden foods and fast foods once a week. However, eat complex carbohydrates such as natural sugars, wheat enriched products and brown rice.
  3. Include cod liver oil, olives, flaxseed, avocados, safflower oil, walnuts, sunflower oil, almonds, cashew nuts and mustard in your diet.
  4. The carbohydrates, proteins and fats proportion should be within limits. Yet, do not neglect proteins or other essential nutrients such as vitamins and fibers. Have in essence, soy beans, chicken, fish, tofu, protein shakes and lots of vegetables and fruits.

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