How to Calculate Calories

How To Count Calories, A Must-Know Fact

How to count calories

Do you know how to count calories? Of course, making you a calorie freak is not the main intention, but being aware of calorie counting basics helps.  You can make better dietary choices thus keep plethora of illnesses away.

Calories to eat to lose weight 

Losing weight means you must burn the extra calories.  Shedding calories implies with exercises practice regularly have a check on the intake of calories.

Calorie is the unit assisting in determining the food potential in producing energy. The calories required depend on the weight and height, gender and the daily activity performed by a person. There is a regular formula to calculate the calories amount required daily by an individual.

Calorie Calculator 

A person’s lifestyle is taken into account as whether he or she is overly active, moderately active or sedentary.  Sedentary lacks physical activities, moderately active refers to being involved in irregular exercise and overly active is about doing tedious exercise. You can know how to count calories with this formula. It shows the per day calories requirement on an average.

  • Sedentary lifestyle: 13 * weight
  • Moderately active: 16 * weight
  • Overly active: 19 * weight

With this, calculate the present calorie intake and the amount of calories you must lose. 

Counting Calories helping to Lose Weight 

Counting calories depends mainly on one point and that is to avoid the intake of excess calories. The requirement of calorie must be fulfilled daily. The daily calorie intake cannot be decreased all of a sudden. In case, your calorie intake is high, reduce per day 500 calories so that weight loss is quick. Start by reducing the intake of calorie by 100 calories daily and you will notice you have reduced 10-15 pounds a year.

Counting calories is essential and helpful. Men require 2500 calories every day, while women need 2000 calories every day.  Consider these simple things:

  • Look on the packet for the calorie chart while you buy foodstuffs and exclude high calorie food stuffs.
  • Cut down food having excess sugar and fats.
  • Curtail intake of ice creams, sodas and sweets.

Intake of fruits and vegetables help in losing weight faster. It is not compulsory to begin a rigorous diet; you can have low-fat cheese/butter. Cutting down everything will leave you craving for more, so ensure to take food in every 2-3 hours in small portions.

Calculate BMI and BMR to know about your calorie intake and the calories number to be burned to lose weight. Apart from the diet, exercise also reduces weight. Consult a doctor or a nutritionist before getting into any diet plan. Bear in mind to adhere to a balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Calculate BMR

For Men

BMR = 66.5/66 + (13.75/6.23 x weight in kg/pounds) + (5.003/12.7 x height in cm/inches) –

(6.775/6.76 x age in years)

For Women

BMR for adult women = 655.1/655 + (9.563/4.35 x weight in kg/pounds) + (1.850/4.7 x height in cm/inches) – (4.676/4.7 x age in years)


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