How to Calculate Calories

How To Calculate Calories Is Within Reach, Start It To Know Your Weight

How to calculate calories

How to calculate calories is a query of most people. Actually, calculating the calories is done by considering the amount of calories you need and you eat daily. Counting calories is helpful as it helps your eat a balanced, healthy diet, thereby excess weight gain can be avoided.

What are calories? 

Calories are an energy measure; specifically the body energy needs to function. Here the age, weight, height, gender, body mass and activity level can have an impact on the calories you need to take every day. Considereing these factors and knowing about the calorie levels you can obtain from consuming different foods helps in determining how to calculate calories and to maintain overall health.

How to Calculate Calories required daily 

  • Online calculator: This is an online calculator determining the number of calories that one must eat every day. Entering your age, gender, height and weight will give you details that you should eat.
  • Calculate your BMR: The online calculators work with basal metabolic rate i.e. BMR. Here the energy amount required to perform essential functions such as digestion, breathing or heartbeat is calculated. Men may multiply 12.7 times to their height and add 6.23 times of weight minus 6.8 times of your age. For women add 66 and get the BMR applying the same rule, but height to be multiplied by 4.7, weight by 4.35and age by 4.7 and finally add 655 to the BMR total.

How to Calculate Calories that is Burned Daily 

  1. Ascertain Your BMR.Calculate your BMR using online BMR calculator. Entering relevant data helps in determining the required calories to perform bodily functions daily.
  2. Calculate Calories Burned.Your BMR reveals the calories you are burning in activities such as breathing and digesting food. You must determine the calories burned during activities throughout the day. The calorie calculators’ help in determining the calories burned during activities in two groups:
  • Moderate exercise: This will burn around 3.5 to 7 calories each minute and performing it five times a week is essential.
  • Vigorous exercise: This burns over 7 calories a minute as they are strenuous and is best performed thrice a week.

How to Calculate Calories for Weight Loss 

  • Know your BMR
  • Burn calories through activity
  • Avoid burning excess fat
  • Record Intake

How to Calculate Calories in Food 

Knowing how to calculate calories in food helps the most. This can be done by the following:

  • Check nutritional label for information, how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you are eating and what is recommended. This will give you an idea to balance.
  • Calculate carbs by multiplying the listed carbs on the label by 4 as carbs in every gram contains 4 calories. Thus determine the calories that come from carbohydrates.
  • Note the calories coming from fat by multiplying each serving by 9 as fat per gram is about 9 calories.
  • Finally, multiply protein by 4 and total all three achieved numbers to get the calories you consume.

Knowing how to calculate calories helps.

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