Glycemic Index Food

Glycemic Index Food List Provide Insight On Making Right Food Choices

Glycemic index food

Foods raise the levels of blood sugar quickly is observed.  This is observed easily and helps understanding through the Glycemic index food list.  The effect of food on the levels of blood glucose is determined and this is referred to as the GI (glycemic index). The GI foods that are high increase in blood sugar levels, while the foods falling in the GI low list raise the blood sugar levels in a stable and slow manner.

Effects of High and low GI Foods 

A diet with high GI foods can have severe repercussions, particularly on over-weight people or people leading a sedentary lifestyle. While, foods low in GI give even level of energy such that a person feels fuller for longer time. Diets with low GI index foods help in managing weight better, controlling and preventing diabetes, thus reducing the heart diseases risk. These foods keep the cholesterol levels low, help one to deny junk foods and enjoy physical endurance for a longer time.

How GI food list is helpful 

Glycemic index foods list offers you the required information on foods that elevate at fastest rate the glucose level in the body. This is harmful as human body does not have the capacity to process such large amounts of glucose and so it turns to be dangerous eating foods having high amounts of sugar. There is a tendency to develop illness.

Foods having a 96 score on the GI food list is considered harmful as pure refined sugar. People wishing to maintain good health must consider eating foods that have a GI score of 50 and lesser. Eating low index values food helps as it does not increase the blood sugar level.

GI food categories 

The GI food categories include fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat, dairy products, snacks and confectionaries. In fact, every food has an index rating. High index value foods contain refined sugar and carbohydrates in plenty.  Carbohydrate is essential for the muscles and brain, it is an essential nutrient, but bad carbohydrates are harmful to health.

The complex carbohydrate type is the right type to be a part of your meal. This is because simple carbohydrate is bad and raises the sugar level quickly. It also can be broken by the body easily, thus elevates the glucose level.

GI Foods having low score 

Foods having low score are made usually of complex carbohydrates. These are healthier as they are rich in zinc, fibers and vitamins. People considering reducing body weight may find the GI diet as the best option. The complex carbohydrates foods have Vitamin E that is very important.

A glycemic diet plan provides menus composed of medium and low score glycemic index foods. Limiting the foods having a score 70 as per the glycemic index foods list is best and such foods that have high glycemic value include white bread, white rice, baguette, bagel, processed food and cakes. Replace these foods with healthier alternatives and to begin with you may replace refined sugar with brown sugar.

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