Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss Casting Relates To Potential Health Hazards

Extreme weight loss

Losing weight is a new fad and is widespread among all ages. People have reasons why they wish to shed weight. The society is also giving importance to people who have a maintained inch waist and so every woman wishes to shed extra pounds of weight.  No one can be accused now if they are keen in losing weight. In fact, besides the beauty or self-conscious part, people wish to lose weight for health reasons. Accumulation of fats leads to lots of diseases and to avoid degradation of health further, people resort to exercising and eating healthy, but extreme weight loss casting is not safe, there will be potential health hazards associated.

Extreme weight loss casting techniques 

Starving: This is considered as an overnight miracle that helps in losing weight even in the short run. But, people wishing to have a clear picture will feel depressed as this is a self imposed abstinence. Depriving yourself of food may offer you instant result, but before considering starving as the extreme weight loss casting method, you should be well conversant with its consequences.

Starving yourself, makes your body go tizzy and you cannot continue in the same manner, no matter how longer you starve. There will be sometime your will break it and eat normally, your body will store all the calories you feed and all the efforts you took to manage to lose will be up in no time.

Diet pills 

Diet pills is another way that people pin hopes on as extreme weight loss casting method. It is to pop the pill and see losing weight. People who wish to shed weight easily and are desperate to do so, fall prey to pills and consume it without thinking how they actually work.

Diet pills promote your metabolism and offer a fullness sense, but close absorption of carbohydrate and fat from the food you eat and are responsible to cause harmful side effects such as liver damage, heart rate increase, diarrhea, high BP, sleeplessness, etc. Taking these diet pills implies you are sticking your neck to dangers and it is not safe to take these pills without consulting a doctor.

Other extreme weight loss casting methods

One Item Diet

This is another extreme weight loss casting method that people do hoping weight loss. The do not fathom the body’s working style. One item diet implies eating only one food type so that extra pounds are not added. For instance, choosing to take cabbage soup alone to satisfy your hunger pangs, this is not right.

People on one item diet fail to realize that they are depriving their body of essential nutrient. It is a must to feed your body so that it gets enough protein from the food.


Purging includes throwing or chewing food and spitting it out without swallowing. This is a brutal way of handling weight loss and also treating your body. Stomach has an acid to prepare the digestion and absorption. When you try to chew, the acid starts and as you spew out, you are casting the acid as well and this will cause havoc on teeth enamel, esophagus and mouth.

Extreme weight loss casting methods are the pedestal of stupidity. Instead exercise regularly, eat healthily and stay active, to lose weight.

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