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Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss, Highly Effective

Chinese herbs for weight loss

Herbs are natural, and especially Chinese herbs for weight loss are found to be highly effective. Today, obesity and gaining weight has become a big problem. From the time people began having processed foods, they began gaining weight as they also lack physical activities. However, even today, to lose weight lots of natural foods and herbs in association with exercises help in weight loss. Adapt to Chinese herbs and get in shape.

Different Chinese herbs for weight loss 

Green Tea  

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has thermo-genic properties.  Thermogenesis is a heat production process that produces heat in human beings. Thus it increases the consumption of fat oxidation and energy so that your body fast is burned faster. Green tea gives a full feel that you are unable to eat more. Moreover, it has EGCG that reduces the fat from your body. This is helpful in weight loss efforts and also in decreasing the cholesterol level.

Tips to prepare 

  • Make your green tea using good quality green tea 1-2 tsp in a bowl or a cup. Pour hot water and brew for a minute. If it is less strong, brew it more and brew it until you find he taste perfect. Strain and drink it and do not add sweetener.
  • Have green tea replacing morning coffee to see weight loss. It will burn more calories as it speedups your metabolism in the morning.
  • Drink 4-5 cups of green tea, and you will notice you do not focus on binge eating.


Ginseng is used as a traditional Chinese medicine since long for stamina, energy and overall well being. The researchers in recent times also acknowledged that ginseng is effective for weight loss and to bring diabetes into control. Chinese herbs for weight loss include Ginseng as it is a substance improving the ability of your body to cope with environmental, emotional and physical stress.  Ginseng is also available in the fresh form, besides the dried form. The ginseng plant leaves are added with root as the root is highly beneficial. Ginseng helps in losing weight by boosting your metabolism as you eat and stores less fat. Ginseng fills energy in you that you stay active and thus more calories get to spend, proving to be good for weight loss.

Pu-erh Tea  

Pu-erh, this name is received due to the Pu-erh village in China. This was the place that this herb was cultivated first 2000 years ago. This is also one of the miraculous Chinese herbs for weight loss. The tea prepared using this stimulates your spleen, and you can digest all the food nutrients. It also flushes out the excessive body fluid. It promotes metabolism such that you burn fats in more quantities and also at a faster rate.

Tips to drink: 

  • Drink this tea after one hour of your meals so that it eliminates all the fat.
  • Pu-erh is in raw and ripe types, and both are ideal for weight loss. Drink ripened pu-erh tea in the morning and after supper, while after mid-day meal have raw pu-erh tea.
Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss, Highly Effective

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